Temporal exemple

Reverso Context oferă traducere în context din engleză în română pentru " temporal ", cu exemple: temporal lobe, left temporal. Exemple de exemplu, cu " temporal ", memoria de traducere. Next, temporal projection is implicitly embedded in the operators. Traducerea acestei pagini This paper shows how real-time temporal logic can be used for the verification of safety-critical.

The heuristics are illustrated using a process control example.

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Temporal exemple

Survey of spatio- temporal databases”, GeoInformatica, vol. Tense, aspect and temporal reference (PhD Dissertation). Par example, des imprécations contre la paix de Westphalie, la disastrosa pace di. Par exemple ausi cette maxime, que le pape est, non le propriétaire, mais. Temporale Aussagen sind stets freiwillige Angaben und sind für einen Satz nicht notwendige Satzglieder.

For example, we often speak of Landsat as having “30- meter" resolution.

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Temporal exemple

Grundsätzlich können temporale Angaben auf vier. Snapshot of the Shiny app to upload and visualize spatio- temporal data. R file is saved inside a directory called, for example, appdir. Here, we will demonstrate a temporal reducer and a spatial reducer by. TEMPORAL Warum ist es passiert? If we go back to our example above, with Josh and his nearly deaf grandmother. Example 2: temporal regression.

Consider an array data of scalar values, of shape (steps,). To generate a dataset that uses the past 10 timesteps to predict the. Temporal resolution refers to the time between images.

Summation, which includes both spatial and temporal summation, is the process that. The neurotransmitter glutamate, for example, is predominantly known to trigger excitatory postsynaptic potentials (EPSPs) in vertebrates. These samples show how to display and interact with time-aware data.

A WMS server can provide support to temporal requests.

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Temporal exemple

Here is an example of a GetCapabilities result for a layer configured for time support. Common stock and retained earnings, for example, are part of. We propose a spatio- temporal exploration of national numbers published daily by the. The most common French temporal expressions are depuis and il y a, and they are not interchangeable. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Final – Jakarta Bean Validation. Hibernate Validator Maven dependency. Using temporal validation tolerance.

If you measure something about the same object over time, for example a persons weight or wealth, it is likely that two observations. Allen Taylor gave a good example of how a temporal database table is used. El contracte temporal, és aquell que té per objecte l’establiment d’una relació laboral entre empresari i treballador per un temps.

An example of a database system that supports temporal tables is DB2. In case of medical imaging, the temporal context may not be as important as action recognition.